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Chipkoffer The Nuts 300, Mix-It

Chipkoffer The Nuts 300, Mix-It
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Chip case set The Nuts 300

300 The Nuts Chips:
The Nuts chips for the discerning player. There are currently 11 different items (without currency symbol) are available, ideal for all types of poker and blackjack. The chips are color-printed with undquot;The Nuts Pokerundquot; and the respective value.

Weight: 11.5 g
Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 3mm

Mix It!
You want a different set of values? Consider the placement of your case within this chip set of individually. Each value can be in 25 roles exchanged or extended. Enter your requirements simply by using the dropdown boxes.

Chip case for 300 chips in aluminum design

High-quality aluminum design case with 6 rows each with 50 chips. Ideal for storing standard casino chips with 40 mm diameter. In addition, the suitcase 2 pockets for cards and deck for 5 dice.

2 card decks
each 52-deck (plus jokers), ideal for all variations of poker, blackjack and other card games.

Purchase facility
We offer in our shop the ability to buy more all chips. Where, in a practical game that required by a specific value more chips, you can purchase it from us.

Assembly proposal:

50 chips with value print 5
75 chips with value 25 print
100 chips with value 50 print
75 chips with value print 100

The Nuts Poker Chips ® are registered design and © AniMazing GmbH

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 13 Articles in this categorie 

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