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Pokertisch The Ultimate CA$H Game

Pokertisch The Ultimate CA$H Game
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Bayerische Pokertischwerke

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The ULTIMATE Cash Game Pokertable

The Ultimate Cash Game Table is a result of many discussions with poker players,
floormen and casino managers. A cash game table shoud be ideal for 9 players.
For all players the table should be very comfortable.
The player shoud have enough space at the table especially if they play many hours.
All players should see each other.

At normal tables position seat number one and nine do not see each other directly
because the dealer is in between. As a result we adapt our bean shape tables to a new style
of cash game table.

Position one and nine are not directly placed beside the dealer anymore, now they are sitting on
the side and are able to see all players.
The table is with 260 x 140 cm large what gives players a comfortable space.

Wide Wooden H-Legs
The wide wooden H-legs bring stability. The colour is standard black.

Fine Armrest
Armrest and legs are standard black but you can chose of
60 different arm rest colours and wood colours.

The Layout
The layout can be a standard layout with different colours and betline
or we print it for you individual with the casino design and casino logo.

As there are usually small changes at every table order, the poker tables are manufactured according to your order by our own carpentry. Usually your table will be produced and delivered within 30 days.

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5 of 5 stars!

Bewertung vom 16.01.2012

hi ich hab jahrlang an diesem gleichen tisch die leute beschiessen. hat gut geklappt, immer position 1. gruss hasan aus schenefeld

5 of 5 stars!

Bewertung vom 03.06.2010

Die Qualität des Pokertisches ist SUPER.Ich habe mir den Pokertisch,vorher im Store angesehen. Es hat sich wirklich gelohnt,trotz der weitén Anreise (450km).Kann nur jeden empfehlen, sich den Laden mal anzuschauen,man kann alles ausprobieren(Pokertische,Karten Chips....).TOP Kundenservice,Top Beratung,Dank an Herrn Haimerl.

 16 Articles in this categorie 

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