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Act to win in Texas Hold em Poker /E

Act to win in Texas Hold em Poker /E
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von Stephan Kalhamer und Chad Brown

Art.Nr.: B-0170
ISBN: 978-3-940163-02-8
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From Novice to Tournament-Ready Player

  • Rules and regulations of the poker variations Texas Hold em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Draw Poker
  • General Strategy with an emphasis on No-Limit Texas Hold em: undquot;The Cadillac of Pokerundquot;
  • Player Types, Table-Image, Pot-Odds
  • (Semi-)bluffing, The Slowplay, The Check-Raise
  • Observing Opponents and Tells

Doyle Brunson say about this book: undquot;The information in this book should be classified. I highly recommend it.undquot;


 38 Artikel in dieser Kategorie